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A business should be successful if it has a great product, it uses its capital assets and labor efficiently, and it successfully markets its products. That assumes no one interferes with its operation or fails to fulfill its obligations to the company. Unfortunately, that happens more often than we wish.

At Wakefield & Associates we assist our business owner clients when disputes arise. It might be the simplest of contract disputes, or the breach of a fiduciary duty by a trusted partner. Sometimes our clients are victims of fraud or induced to enter a business relationship by someone’s intentional misrepresentations. Other times competitors compete unfairly by stealing trade secrets and confidential information or making untrue statements about our client to damage their reputation in the business community. Often competitors intentionally interfere with our clients’ businesses by employing illegal means, because they know they could never compete legally with our clients.

As experts in these areas and many others, we help our clients recover just compensation. But we also know that often business competitors will claim falsely that our clients are guilty of wrongful conduct. We will defend those claims aggressively. Whatever the case, our clients know that Wakefield & Associates will be strong advocates on their behalf, while always remaining sensitive to legal costs and the economic costs to our clients by being bogged down in litigation.

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