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A serious injury or accident can change your life instantly. The cost and brought on by mounting medical bills and time missed from your job can lead to stress and deplete your savings. 

Studies show that many Americans are only one unforeseen event away from financial distress.

This is why the personal injury practice team at Wakefield & Associates can deliver peace of mind to you following an injury that is not your fault.

Our personal injury lawyers focus on your case so you can begin your journey on a road to recovery.

Wakefield & Associates specializes in:

  • personal injury
  • workers’ compensation,
  • social security disability

Our personal injury lawyers in Orange County and Southern California have taken these types of cases and more:

  • construction accidents and mishaps
  • motorcycle accidents
  • trucking accidents
  • car accidents
  • dog bites or animal attacks
  • injuries received while using public transportation
  • other personal injury cases

If you’re seeking representation from a personal injury attorney, or a workers’ compensation lawyer, or social security disability lawyer in Southern California, schedule a free consultation with Wakefield & Associates.

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