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Real property rights are a fundamental part of the fabric of American society. Wakefield & Associates are experts in virtually every dispute that arises out of either the ownership of property or disputes arising from the transaction to sell or purchase real estate. We often represent commercial landlords and commercial tenants in disputes arising from the landlord tenant relationship.

When we represent a homeowner or an owner of commercial property, Wakefield & Associates will fight for our clients’ rights to enjoy their property unencumbered by the claims of others. We represent owners of property when third parties cause damage to the property. On the occasion when a seller of property uses deceptive practices or makes false representations that harm our client who purchases the property we are well versed in all potential avenues to obtain just compensation, or in extreme cases rescission of the sales agreement.

There are many other types or real estate disputes that we assist our clients in. Easement dispute, property line encroachments, and quiet title actions to name just a few.

If you have a real estate problem Wakefield & Associates will help you resolve it.

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